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November 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show November 1, 2014 guest William Hazzelgrove, discussing what parents will go through for their kids. Mark answered the question about charging a lower rate for a shorter term loan, and Kathryn discusses accounting software.

Best of Investing Radio Show guest Attorney Brad Rogerson November 8, 2014, discussing what investors should look for in private placements. Mark discusses when it's appropriate to impose pre-payment penalties on loans he provides.


Best of Investing Radio Show November 15, 2014. Kathryn discusses what happens if the IRS gives bad advice and Mark explains why the loans he provides has a smaller default rate than typical banks.

Best of Investing Radio Show November 22, 2014 guest Tim Staley, discussing the recent changes in Obamacare. Patti talked about the most cost effective ways to spend money on a house getting it ready for sale and Mark talked about under what circumstances he can do a joint venture deal.

Best of Investing Radio Show November 29, 2014. Mark talks about why interest rates are so much lower in California than other states. Patti discusses at what point it makes sense to sell a house vs renting it out.