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May 2015

Best of Investing Radio Show May 2, 2015, Mike discusses conflicts of interest and participating in employer's 401(k). Mark talks about the most expensive real estate in the world.

Best of Investing Radio Show May 9, 2015. Patti shares some interesting facts about real estate around the US and locally; Mark discusses the difference between funding a loan for a personal residence and a rental property; Mike talks about investing for income while trying to preserve capital.

Best of Investing Radio Show May 16, 2015, Mark discuses the risks of investing in the Fund and updates us with the latest in real estate.


Best of Investing Radio Show May 23, 2015. Mark answers the question of why a borrower would need speed if he already has an appraisal in hand. Kathryn answers the question about getting audited and whether having a CPA prepare your tax return will make you less likely to get audited. We also discussed tax strategies that can be done now as well as talking about gas price fluctuations.

Best of Investing Radio Show May 30, 2015, Mark discusses investor's portfolios and where mortgage investing fits in. Robert answers the question about amending a tax return after obtaining a loan.