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March 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show March 1, 2014 guest Rob Goldstein, discussing how to avoid scams. Kathryn talked about what could be done, if anything, to alleviate some of 2013's tax burden, and Mark shared about how investors can earn money when depositing funds in his Fund. We also talked about what the "median" price change means for houses and a potential buyout of What's App by Facebook.

Best of Investing Radio Show March 8, 2014 guest John Blumenthal, discussing mid life crises. Mark discusses the risks of investing in his Fund, which is currently paying over 8.5%. Robert discusses what to do when you want to refinance, but you haven't yet completed your tax return.

Best of Investing Radio Show March 15, 2014. Robert answered the serious question of what happens if you defraud the bank in answering falsely about personal residence to get a lower rate. Mark answers the question about the shareholders in his Fund getting the benefit upon a foreclosure. We also talked about how FICO scores appear to be lower amongst loan applications and the reasons why.

Best of Investing Radio Show March 22, 2014 guest Coach Ron Tunick, discussing social media using mobile apps and texting.

Best of Investing Radio Show March 29, 2014. Mark answers questions about how he can possibly fund a loan in 5 days. Robert answers questions about refinancing out of an FHA loan to get rid of mortgage insurance.