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June 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show June 7, 2014. Mark discusses the latest in real estate and answers the question about how it makes sense for Pacific Private Money to make a short term loan in his Fund.

Best of Investing Radio Show June 14, 2014 Patti Cohn answers the question about whether it makes sense to work with a real estate agent who has a lot of listings and the attention that can be given to the client. Mark answers the question about charging prepayment penalties on certain loans and updates us with the fact that his Fund is performing better than anticipated. 

Best of Investing Radio Show June 21, 2014 Mark updates the latest on his Fund and real estate in general. Also, he answers the question about what can an investor do who is not accredited? We looked at a situation where the bank was paying negative interest.

Best of Investing Radio Show June 28, 2014. Kathryn predicts that auto loans will most likely be the next sub prime melt down and discusses how to help avoid employee embezzlement. Mark discusses how many homes are still underwater and answers the question as why it is so difficult for individual investors to find loans to invest in.