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January 2016

Jan 2, 2016 was a repeat of Nov 28, 2015 show Best of Investing Radio Show January 9, 2016 guest Nick Strauss, discussing how banks look at credit scores. Kathryn talks about what planning can be done now for 2016 taxes and SEP IRA's for 2015. Mark talks about where someone can find out more about investing in deeds of trusts.

Best of Investing Radio Show January 16, 2016 guest John Majalca. Mark discusses correlations between the stock market and real estate. John talks about Texas Cash Flow purchasing discounted houses in San Antonio.


Best of Investing Radio Show January 23, 2016. Mark answers the question about how often his short term loans get paid off, and Rob discusses using a self employed individual's 2015 income is for qualifying for a home loan.

Best of Investing Radio January 30, 2016 guest Mark Robbins, discussing how to purchase real estate in an IRA with financing. Patti talks about when is the best time to sell you house. Mark Hanf talks about the current lending arena and how his Fund is producing over 8% results for its shareholders.