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January 2015

Best of Investing Radio Show January 3, 2015 guest Steve Paski, discussing when it makes sense to detail your car before selling it.Mike discusses when it makes sense to have a Roth IRA, and Mark discusses the value of cross collateral.

Best of Investing Radio Show January 10, 2015 guest Kim Kaselionis, from Breakaway Funding, LLC, discussing crowd funding. Mark answers the question of the percentage of an investment portfolio should an investor earmark for a mortgage fund, and Mike discusses the question about whether as an investor ages, should more of an investment portfolio be toward bonds versus stocks


Best of Investing Radio Show January 17, 2015. Mark discusses the advantages of investing in a Fund vs individual deeds of trust. Kathryn gives advice for those interested in changing CPA's. Mike discusses load mutual funds and the expenses associated with them.

Best of Investing Radio Show January 24, 2015. We talked about robo advisors, the fees associated with ETF's and Index Funds, We also discussed oil prices dropping but airline tickets staying high, deciding when is a good time to sell your house, and fluctuations in interest rates in mortgage funds.

Best of Investing Radio Show January 31, 2015. Rob answers the question about whether refinancing lowers a FICO score. Mike discusses ways to lower tax on Social Security earnings. We also discussed how renting is costing much more than owning and how interest rates are running negative in some countries.