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February 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show February 1, 2014. Julie discusses the potential real estate slow down, Robert talks about the speed of processing mortgage loans due to the new Dodd Frank rules. We also talked about how the postal service union was thinking about boycotting Staples because Staples was using non-union employees to handle postal type services.

Best of Investing Radio Show February 8, 2014 guest Joe John Duran, discussing how to make faster and better decisions about money. We also discussed a new phone scam that people should watch out for, and Rob talks about how it is possible to attain a home loan if one has had a short sale 3 years ago.

Best of Investing Radio Show February 15, 2014 guest Randy Petersen, discussing the ins and outs of frequent flier miles. Mark discussed the rise and fall of interest rates in the hard money loan business as compared to regular mortgage rates.

Best of Investing Radio Show February 22, 2014 guest Mike Zaidlin, discussing whether it makes sense to put money in an IRA. Mark answers the question about new restrictions on loans and if they help or hurt Pacific Private Money's lending business. Robert answers the question about the ability to purchase a house with less than 20% down. We also talked about how a city in Marin gave its manager a raise to compensate for the fact that she will have to fund part of her own pension, thus possibly worsening the finances of the city. We also talked about a mass killer complaining because he wants better video games.