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August 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show August 2, 2014. Kathryn shares some interesting home ownership news, we discussed how the stock market lost almost all of its 2014 gains on the last day of July when the market dropped 317 points,and Mark compares the risks of individual deed of trust ownership versus investing in the Fund.


Best of Investing Radio Show August 9, 2014. Mark answers the question about rising interest rates and how his Fund would pay a higher rate of interest. Robert tackles the question about stated income loans - do they exist?

Best of Investing Radio Show August 16, 2014. Patti gives insight as to when the best time to list your house for sale - you may be surprised by the answer. Mark discussed the time requirements of investing in the Fund. We also discussed the IRS hiring private collection firms and when is it appropriate for input on what public employee pensions invest in. Patti also updates us with year over year real estate sales.

Best of Investing Radio Show August 23, 2014. We discussed how taxpayers are facing of many incremental tax increases to fund public pensions. Mark answered the question about pre-payment penalties on loans, and Kathryn discusses having a CPA represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Best of Investing Radio Show August 30, 2014. Mark discusses being able to provide a real estate loan in as little as 48 hours! Rob answers the question about first time home buyers and whether it is better to get a co-signer or receive a gift.