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April 2016

Best of Investing Radio Show April 2, 2016. Mark talks about what to do for an investor in deeds of trust when loans keep getting paid off, and Patti discusses the slowing down in the real estate market and answers the question about listing a property at a high price when the seller is not in a hurry to sell.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 9, 2016, Mark discusses the difficulties in obtaining conventional financing and talks about cross collateral.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 16, 2016 guest Gary Schlossberg, Wells Fargo's chief economist discussing where the economy is headed. Mark answers the question about where the deals are nowadays, and Rob talks about filing taxes after April 15th and what a self employed person can do to obtain a loan.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 23, 2016. Kathryn talks about clients who represent themselves before the IRS and teaching children about money. Marks talks about how he does not compete with banks, but actually works with them and often gets referrals from banks to save a transaction.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 30, 2016 guest Chaya Hendrick, CEO of SmartMetric, discussing fingerprint credit cards. Mark discusses why FICO scores do not matter to him, and Patti talks about multiple offers in today's real estate market.