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April 2014

Best of Investing Radio Show April 5, 2014 guest Richard Benson, Marin County Tax Assessor. We discussed what happens if you miss the deadline for paying real estate taxes by April 10th, how Prop 8 works within Prop 13, and other interesting facts about real estate taxes. Mark answers the question about what happens in his Fund if a borrower goes bankrupt.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 12, 2014. Mark answers the question, "have any of the loans you have ever done lost money?". Robert answers the question about the competitive market for buying a home and tips to get someone in the front of the line. We also talked about rumblings going around about Prop 13 and the commercial market, where some people want to eliminate Prop 13 for owners of commercial property.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 19, 2014 guest Diana St. James, discussing travel and why it's smart to use a consultant. Mark explains what fractional deeds of trust mean.

Best of Investing Radio Show April 26, 2014 guest Carol Munson, senior marketing specialist with Alain Pinel Realtors. Carol answers the question about FISB's and the risks involved. Kathryn Harris, CPA gives advice for those wanting to get a head start on 2014 taxes, and Mark discusses why someone with a high FICO score might need a loan from Pacific Private Money. We also talked about the IRS paying bonuses to their employees.